Chicago Sauce: The 7 Toppings To A Classic Chicago Hot Dog United Together Under One Lid!

  • No Time? No Problem: Make a Chicago Hot Dog in seconds using just one sauce vs. all 7 toppings! 
  • Mustard On Steroids: This sauce is the boss! Use it anytime to elevate your meal.
  • The 7 Ingredients: Pickles, Tomatoes, Onions, Yellow Mustard, Sweet Relish, Sport Peppers, & Celery Salt...ALL IN ONE BOTTLE!!
  • Health Friendly: Low Calorie,  Gluten Free, Vegan, and Keto/Paleo friendly.

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See Why Customers LOVE The Original Chicago Sauce...

"Just added Chicago sauce to my breakfast taco and with some peperoncini! SO FREAKING GOOD!!!!! I am obsessed. Thank you!"

- Beth L.

"Omg beth introduced me to ur chicago sauce!!!! Buying a case for stocking stuffers. Sooooo good. Go Big Fork!"

- Lynn F.

"Blew my mind. Seriously ridiculous….makes me want to be your local salesman to spread the flavor insanity...”

– Tim Schwab

Good Deal
4 Pack
The essence of Chicago in a bottle
Great on encased MEATS!
Great Deal
8 Pack
$57.49 (10% off)
Way more than mustard
Makes any savory better!
Amazingly Awesome Deal
12 Pack
$81.49 (15% off)
tangy & acidic - great on anything fatty
Upscale your fried chicken sandwich!