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Gift Card
Greg Weiss
A perfectly tailored gift

‘Had the darnedest time trying to figure out what to get a good friend who is going through a rough patch. My family has a tradition of dropping off a covered dish dinner…but my friend lives several states away, so that was not practical. Then I thought about Big Fork, knowing her family would love the delicious, top quality options. But what to send? That’s when I saw that gift cards were available. Done! Now they can select exactly what they want. Thanks.

Needs more flavor

The sauce came promptly and in good shape. But sadly, I have to say I was underwhelmed. I got a bit of kick from the sports but overall, in my opinion it needed more flavor. I think you need to add more mustard. The second time I used the sauce on my dogs I added mustard first.

Good assortment

Good flavors.

Always delicious

Delicious, juicy maple flavor! Enjoy!

Delicious healthy protein snack

I love the taste; not too spicy but flavorful. Great nutrition stats and easy to throw in a backpack for hiking which was my goal. Would be a great healthy snack for kids too. Highly recommend.

Healthiest Snack Sticks!

These sticks taste great and are healthy too!

Bacon Sausage 6 Pack - Single Flavor

Awesome sauce!!!

My dad and I have already went through 3 of the 4 bottles! Definitely ordering more!

Snack Stick Bites
joe bazooka
Not my first rodeo.

I am fortunate to be a fan of Big Fork products. Always happy to get them, and saddened by their finish. Try the different flavors. You WILL Savor the experience‼️‼️


The Chicago Fire Sauce is an outstanding addition to the Chicago Sauce family. Highly recommend it on hot dogs and burgers.

Nice fire

Very good

Fire Sauce

The sauce is great! Nice kick to it, I've even tried it on my chicken salad, and it was excellent.

Like being in Chicago

Great taste

Never hot enough----

the new Fire Sauce is spectacular...its about as hot as you want it to be for a sport pepper..if you get hotter, then its the ghost,habanero type of heat and thats not a chicago dog..sport peppers loaded up is what this sauce it..

The Chicago fire sauce has a nice heat to it. It was very good on a hamburger.

Bacon Hot Dogs
Everything is better with Bacon

Really good natural casing dog. Love the smokey flavor and the bacon brings it to the next level.

Great sausage

I purchased the variety pack as well as the 5 pack of bacon sausage. We had a family get together this weekend and I grilled the sausages. Wow, what a hit they were for my family. Everyone loved the sausages. A great find for something new and different to put in the grill. Thanks for selling a great product.

Bacon Hot Dogs
Cynthia Madden
Fabulous! Our second order

Seemed pricey when we ordered our bacon hotdogs the first time - until we tried them. The frozen pack arrived quickly and we had our first taste the same day. They are soooo good that we're back for more! Love the taste and texture. When we called for more information about Big Fork products, the OWNER talked with us personally! Ya can't beat this company.

Taste Great

This sauce taste great, Chicago dog in a bottle.

Great Flavor

Bacon Bacon Bacon

Maple Jerky

The maple flavored jerky is delicious. Problems in the last few months with ordering/availability of product. Hope that is finally worked through.

Excellent value

We really enjoy the 3 pepper! The jerky is hot but not too hot, the texture is juicy and chewy. I would recommend these to anybody who likes craft jerky, especially anyone looking for a pork based jerky. The bacon inspiration comes through and is incredible. Definitely a great gift for meat eating food enthusiasts!

Bacon Hot Dogs
Michael Hodge
Bacon Bacon Bacon

If you like bacon you will love these dogs

Bacon Hot Dogs
Paul Tomasewski
Cant find a better Dog

Great snap to the bite like an old fashion hot dog... great taste ... add some chicago sauce ...nothing better


My whole family loved it
I sampled this at the One of a Kind Show
In Chicago IL this Spring 2022

I ordered it for a Father’s Day gift