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Bacon Sausage...

Wait, what???

We work with small independent family farmers in Iowa that raise 100% Berkshire Hogs outdoors, without the use of antibiotics.  Using the best-tasting bacon on the planet is one of the reasons why our sausage tastes so good.   The bacon is nitrate-free and hardwood smoked.  We grind the amazing bacon with pork and add a little pure brown sugar and sea salt.  Then we naturally encase the sausage and smoke it using a combination of hickory and applewood hardwoods.  Our sausage is made the traditional smokehouse way, with one difference, we cram as much bacon into every encased meat we make. On the premise that bacon makes everything better, we’re making sausage better with BACON.  That’s basically it.  Keeping it pure and simple, letting the clean pork and smoky bacon speak for itself.  Available in 8 smoky flavors:  Hickory & Applewood, Aged, Cheddar, Maple & Brown Sugar, Cracked Black Pepper, Chicken & Bacon, Spicy 3-Pepper, Portabella, and Bacon & Ale